Dan Promotion 2023  open to all British Taekwondo Clubs

Welcome to the Dan Promotion 2023 information page.

 The Winter 2023 Dan Promotion is organised by a Taekwondo Alliance of clubs including Kang Han Taekwondo, Boston Taekwondo, Phoenix Taekwondo, Carlton Arena Taekwondo, Jinhaeng Taekwondo, Unite and Spartans plus many more and is open to all British Taekwondo Clubs.

The Dan Promotion is a fully sanctioned British Taekwondo event and will be led by 8th Dan Black Belt Grand Masters Ian Lennox and Alan Steeper plus a panel of 6th Dan Grade examiners.   

The 2023 Winter Dan Promotion will be held on Sunday November 19th and will be hosted by Phoenix Taekwondo in Oxfordshire.

In preparation for the examination, a Dan Grading Seminar was held on Sunday Septembe 24th hosted by Phoenix Taekwondo in Oxfordshire. This was attended by over 120 potential candidates.    

Event: Dan Promotion Examination

Date: Sunday 19th November 

Venue: Willowbrook Leisure Centre (Ladygrove Estate), Bowmont Water, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7AF (click for map)

  • Doors Open:  09:00
  • Pre-registration for 5th/4th Dan: 09:00 - 09:15
  • 4th Dan / 5th Dan Grading Examination: 09:30 approx
  • Registration: 09:30 - 10:00
  • Grading starts immediately after registration
  • Presentation: 16:30 (approx.) 


Registration for the Dan Promotion Examination will be made via an online registration form which includes a summary of the Examination Fees.

The deadline for registration is Sunday 5th November

BEFORE completing the form, you will need to register on the Kukkiwon TCON site in Korea before registering for the grading. The TCON ID is required by British Taekwondo when they apply for your BlackBelt Kukkiwon Certificate. Please contact your instructor if you require assistance with TCON.

The registration process is summarised below

Registration Process


Please ensure

  • You wear a full Taekwondo dobok
  • No Jewellery (including smart watches)
  • You bring body protector, head guard, arm/shin/groin guard
  • Taekwondo shoes cannot be worn in the examination room
  • Dont forget your belt
  • Ample water (and snacks)
  • ENJOY the day!

Local Information  hotels, parking, restaurents,shops


There is ample parking at the Grading Venue


There are a few hotels within 5 minutes drive of the venue

  • Premier Inn: Milton Interchange, Milton, Nr Didcot OX14 4TX
  • Marriot: 6 Milton Gate, Milton, Abingdon OX14 4FPX


  • There is a local CO-OP and the Ladygrove Pub about 5 mins walk away from the Grading Venue: Google Map
  • There is a large shopping area including restaurants and a Sainsburys about 5 mins drive away from the Grading Venue: Google Map

  • Find Us Friday venue

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